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Containers For Sale Altringham
Shipping containers for sale in Altringham
Refrigerated Container Sales

Fab and Site UK are pleased to announce another expansion of our already successful
container sales with the introduction of new and used Refrigerated Containers available UK
wide. Refrigerated shipping containers are the best and safest way to transport and store
goods that require a stable temperature-controlled facilities. When transporting or storing
meat, cheese, dairy or seafood, a refrigerated container is a great product in any ones fleet.
Even such products as Fruits, flowers and many vegetables need a  source to keep ambient
temperature constant to make sure they arrive at their destination in their best condition.

Refrigerated and Non-Operational insulated ex Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers are available in working or non op conditions. Operational
refrigerated containers require a power source or generator on the container, truck or train
being used to transport the container. Non-operation refrigerated containers are
decommissioned containers and usually have had their motors removed and sold as
insulated containers a modification which we undertake. These units are good for all kinds
of storage especially when insulation is required to keep temperature constant in any
weather confdiorin..

Mobile Refrigeration Solution

A refrigerated shipping container is not just restricted or limited to shipping goods either.
Mechanically refrigerated shipping containers can also be used as a mobile cool-room on
worksites,construction sites, film sites, festival sites, catering sites and large functions -
anywhere a portable solution to refrigeration is required,even in disaster zones whereby
temporary welfare and clean storage is required.
Our promise to you when buying used stocks
  • Only work with reliable and long term suppliers, that has reefers as their core activity, that are knowledgeable & reliable. So suppliers
we known for years.
  •  All reefers undergo full PTI before release, that means we run them under power around 6-8 hours
  • All parts that are borderline on wear & tear, we replace. For example heaters or condenser coils.
  • Condenser coils are cleaned for any debris or dust prior release. Condenser coils, if replaced, are of aluminum
  • Compressors are wire brushed & painted, if needed, except on the backside (..we do not remove the compressor to paint backside,
would be too expensive)
  • Technician also check compressors under PTI to ensure there are no “funny” sounds indication issues with pistons, wiring etc.
  • We paint reefer boxes, except for doors, to supply a good looking quality product
  • Reefer box is cleaned inside (washed) prior release

Finally for total peace of mind we always subject to our clients accepting our offer, forward pictures of specific reefer(s) under the sale for
review & final acceptance.
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